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Shredded Documents

We Destroy: Paper Documents • Hard Drives • Micro-Film

Document Shredding in Spokane, Washington

Call United Data Security in Spokane, Washington, for data destruction services to protect your sensitive information.

Our data security specialists are some of the most trusted professionals in the industry, and we offer more than 22 years of experience in data security to serve you. You can also turn to us for non-secure paper recycling.

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Committed to Security

The mission of United Data Security is to ensure complete control of all confidential information by securely destroying documents and electronic media, thus improving the security, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness for our customers. With more than 22 years of experience in data security, we are committed to serving you.

Paper Recycling

If you simply need to get rid of waste paper, have us recycle it. You’ll receive a bin for your location, and our truck will come at regular intervals to pick it up and haul it to our paper mill. This is not a secure destruction.

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